What I’m Up To

April 29, 2009

Hey everyone, just wanted to update this, because I haven’t in a while.  Things are still going well here.  I can’t believe it’s been just about 2 months since I’ve been here.  I’m still teaching my 1st grade class. It’s still quite frustrating, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  This week is a 3 day work week, which is pretty awesome. We were off on Monday and are off on Friday.  You wouldn’t believe all of the public holidays this month (unless you are one of my South African friends who reads this).  April is like this, but the rest of the year isn’t.  Last Wednesday was a public holiday, so that everyone could go vote.  Sounds like a cool idea to me.  I wonder how it would go over in the U.S.   I got to go away for a little holiday (or vacation) this last weekend. It was a lot of fun.  We hardly did anything for 3 days, which was pretty much the point.  I have found out that I am afraid of horses in the dark and I run at the sound of baboons.  I also stayed far away of the cobra, while other guys were running to kill it. As I told my friend Bronwen, “I’m tough, but I’m not that tough.”  So that’s pretty much all going on right now. If you somehow miss my face and voice, here is a little something to tide you over :).  I did the announcements for church this last weekend. For the record, I did not give myself the nickname Captain America, but have humbly embraced it.



  1. THAT IS SO AMAZING! You are a great announcement guy! I know a star!!!! 😉

  2. Holy cow, has it really been a month since we were in SA? Good to know the 1st graders haven’t eaten you alive yet. Are you keeping the Le Rouxs in line? =)


  3. I loved watching Captain America. I look forward to seeing more of that.
    I hope you are keeping warm. You are in my prayers.
    Enjoy winter in So. Africa.

    Love you!

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