Dancing like Jesus, a Prophecy, and a Soccer Game

April 6, 2009

This weekend was quite a cool one.  I played my first soccer game in 19 years.  The two church teams played each other, an epic rivalry.  I didn’t expect to start, but was hoping to play at least a little of the game.  A few people were late, so I had to start. I ended up playing the whole game at left defense or whatever the actual name of the position is. The game was tied at 1 with 2 minutes left to go.  Our defense was set up at about the half-way line and the ball got kicked over our heads. I turned on the afterburners and was running as hard as this 24 year old man could.  I was a half step too slow as the ball got kicked into the goal in the final seconds of the game. What an amazing game. It was a bummer to lose, but a great first game in 19 years. I got a few steals and kicked a few out of bounds to slow their advance.  The team captain named me “Man of the Match”, which was really awesome.

Yesterday at church we had this husband and wife guest speakers from Wales who worked in the prophetic.  The man had a word of knowledge for 3 different people out of the 250 or so in the church, and I was one of them.  Just after he was praying for a group of our leaders, he walked right up to me and said something like “there is no ceiling to you” or “there is no ceiling to what God’s gonna do in you”. It was something along those lines.  It was really humbling, yet very inspiring.

I started growing a beard last weekend in Zimbabwe, because I didn’t want to go through the hastle of shaving on the trip. It was a good thing I am still growing it, because I am playing Jesus in a drama/dance thing this Saturday night for an youth/Easter event.  Some of you may have seen it before. It goes to the song  “Everything” by Lifehouse. I was hesitant to do it, because I’ve seen it done a ton of times before. I decided to do it, because it is so powerful and will affect a ton of people. Plus I never turn down a chance to dance!  Here’s a version that is close to what we are doing. Ours is less sexual though 🙂


One comment

  1. That is a pretty cool nickname the captain gave you! It sounds like your having a blast! I am glad to hear. The ceiling thing that was spoken to you was awesome! I just know your makin a difference! THe everything skit was done at our last Repossess. You will do great… i bet that is an honor! Well i hope all is going good! Your in my prayers 🙂


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