Alumni Connection

March 14, 2009

Right before I left, I was interviewed by my friend Danyal Schultze for an article she was writing for a Life Pacific College online newsletter.  She did a great job. Check it out below or  at http://lifepacific.edu/econnections/alumni_connection.html

Alumni Connection: Taylor Lyall

Taylor Lyall (Life Pacific College ’07) came to LIFE because he had a heart for the world. He didn’t know what his future would look like, but he knew that God was calling him to study the Bible in preparation for the ministry that lay ahead of him.

Taylor graduated from high school in 2002, with the goal of becoming a sports broadcaster. He never imagined God would call him to do what he’s doing now!

Taylor Lyall began his undergraduate studies at California State University, Fullerton. While he was there, he got very involved with Campus Crusade for Christ and began going on regular mission trips. It was during this time that his relationship with the Lord really grew and his passion to reach the world was established. He knew that God was calling him to more than sports broadcasting.

Taylor heard about LIFE from a friend who was a current student and decided to transfer. He had no idea back then that his years as a student at Life Pacific College would so significantly shape his passion for ministry. He discovered that he cared deeply about social justice issues facing today’s world—issues like slavery and sex trafficking – and knew he had to do something.

That’s exactly what he’s doing! Taylor moved to Midrand, South Africa, where he is working in an orphan home called Botshabelo. He is also serving in a nearby preschool, ministering to a community affected greatly by AIDS and poverty.

“I want to go and make a difference,” shares Lyall, “but I also want to come back [to the United States] and create awareness of the global issues and help local Christians be active in the issues facing the world. I heard someone say that in order for a person to really create awareness about something, you have to experience it.” Taylor has a passion to make his world aware, and he’s doing something about it.

His time at Life Pacific College taught Taylor to see “the big picture” – God’s Word as “… [His] plan to redeem humanity,” rather than just “a bunch of different stories.” He forged relationships that helped get him to where he is today – serving as a missionary in South Africa. He feels honored to have spent time studying here, knowing that he “met people who will do great things in the world for God.”

His story has only just begun!

To follow Taylor’s journey, you can read his blog at www.taylorlyall.com.


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