A Miracle of God

March 12, 2009

I am extremely bummed right now. I was just told that I couldn’t put pictures of kids from the orphanage on the internet. Bummer. I might have to delete the ones from the creche …we’ll see.  I was about to put an amazing picture of my new friend.   She is a baby that is just a few months old. She was brought to Botshabelo Babies’ Home about a month ago after being found in a storm drain.  That totally rocked my world after I heard that. I was just holding this miracle of God during a puppet show at another one of the kids birthday/goodbye party.  He just turned 5 and is leaving to meet his new adopted parents.  As I was holding this little girl, I could just feel God’s love for her and for me. Thank you God for your little miracles.

Check my facebook and flickr account to the bottom right for new pictures. I might have to delete the ones of the kids soon…I am not sure yet.

Think about adopting a child from another country. Think about God’s little miracles all around us. They are definitely bigger than we might think.



  1. Man that is so cool!! I can’t imagine holding that little baby knowing that a miracle had been saved. How awesome man! I bet you are having a blast. By the way I am listening to a little Phil Wickham in memory of you… 🙂 I am praying for you!! love you much.

  2. Oh, Taylor, I love reading what is going on with you. I am very disappointed that you will not be able to send pictures of the children. I saw the ones you have posted already. They are so adorable and so special. What a miracle to hear of the baby girl who was actaully found in a storm drain. WOW!! I am so proud of you and I just love to hear what God is leading you through there. I am praying for you and love you. – Grandma

  3. Taylor,

    Are you allowed to email the pictures? Maybe you could just send out a big email every so often with a few pictures?


    (who loves pictures of kids too)

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