Two Sides to Every City

March 9, 2009

So today was my first day teaching my class. As expected, it was a little bit hectic.  Some of them don’t understand English…yeah…hard to teach them.  I tried to work on names today, but with names like Simphiwe, Asiue, and Mawele, I didn’t get very far.  Ok, not all are that tricky. I got Junior, Shaun, Michelle, and Josiah down no problem. The funny thing is that the other kids, whose names I don’t know, are the ones who are misbehaving and whose name I have to call the most. 

These kids are very smart and can say their ABC’s, months, days of the week, and can count pretty high. The thing is, they just memorize these as a set group, and can’t really distinguish them by themselves.  I just need to get really prepared and come with a lesson plan and system to get them to read. Baby steps.

I was sick the very next day after I got here. I spent most of the day in bed. It seems I have gotten completely better and even have overcome my jetlag.  I got to go out and about and enjoy some of the local area this last weekend. Yesterday, we went to Montecasino. It’s a complex that has a casino, movie theatre, restaraunts, and various places to shop. I got to see Slumdogg Millionaire again for only 33 Rand (which is only $3.00, such a good price).

It’s really interesting to see how different the two sides of this area are. Montecasino looks a bit like a hotel in Las Vegas would look. Well, not that nice…let’s say Reno.  Then today I went to teach in the local township, Olievenhoutbosch.  It looks like the poor parts of Mexico.  Most houses are built with just sheet metal. Some are made from brick. The few miles near the place I teach are all dirt roads. It’s a very tricky and slow drive.  It is also a very dangerous area. I was intsructed not to leave the creche at any time until the girl arrived to pick me up.  Rape and spousal abuse are regular occurences among the familes of my students. 

I know God has me here for a purpose and just to get to work. Thanks all for your support and prayers. Pictures will come soon!



  1. You’re lucky you added the last sentence or I would have sent you a paragraph of a beat down.

    I’m glad it’s going well. The names are my favorite!

  2. Wow Taylor!!! I know you will get the names down… =) But it sounds like you are off to a great start! I am so glad to hear that too. I am praying like crazy for you but am so happy at the same time! Hope all is still going great and i sure hope you feel much better too =) The cities sound very different and i can’t wait to see some pictures! Hope your having fun and that your spreading God’s word!!!!! Talk to you again soon!


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