Three Weeks and Three Days

February 7, 2009


I am leaving March 3rd. I got my ticket. Turned in all my stuff for my visa. I have most of my money raised. Selling my car this week. Got 5 shots already. Sending out thank you letters soon. Cancelled my phone. Payed off my credit card. Still need to do my taxes. Figuring out how things will work over there financially, among other things. Figuring out what to pack. Getting really excited. south-africa-map



  1. Wow Taylor…we’re really proud of you! God is going to continue to do GREAT things through you.

  2. Hi, Taylor!
    I am just so very proud of you. You are so special to me. I love you so much. God is really using you for HIS glory. That is just so wonderful. I will be so eager to hear each detail of your life for HIM in Africa. My prayers will be with you each day while you are gone.

  3. Hi, Taylor!

    We’re so excited for you as you begin the next phase of your life and step out in obedience as you follow Christ’s leadings. We’ll keep you in our prayers and will look forward to hearing all about your experiences on the other side of the world.

    We love you!!

    Aunt Shari and Uncle Doug

  4. Hi. So we might be able to help if you still have some last minute questions on what to bring or as you mentioned finances and such. I know you are leaving like now…but in case you do have some whatevers, please email me…or skype or whatever….we are totally available to help in whatever way we can. My husband and I don’t know a whole lot of anything, but if there is anything we can help you out with, it is yours for the taking. We are in Port Elizabeth.

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