Cardinals Win The Super Bowl

February 3, 2009




Have you ever wondered how the winning team of the Super Bowl has shirts and hats moments after their victory, declaring them the winner? They must make clothing that has both teams as the winner. “But what happens to the other set of clothing?” you may ask. 

“But through a partnership between World Vision and the National Football League, hundreds of poor children and families in the Central American nation of El Salvador will be the happy recipients of Reebok produced t-shirts, hats, and McArthur Towel & Sports produced trophy towels that wrongly hailed the Arizona Cardinals the Super Bowl champion. ”

I’m glad it doesn’t go to waste, but this goes back to my post a few months ago about poor people getting our crappy left overs.  Now I just have to make a quick stop in El Salvador to get an awesome collector’s item.



  1. I love that they do this. I did always wonder what happened to the other team’s stuff, until I saw an article in WORLD magazine last year. I don’t think I’d say it’s an example of poor people getting crappy leftovers; at the very least it’s a good way of recycling otherwise unrecyclable clothing, and better it’s an efficient way of providing needed clothing for people in places like El Salvador. I’m all for it!

    AJ Harbison

  2. Thanks for the comment AJ. I have to disagree with you. I think for us to show compassion to those in need, in needs to cost us something. Compassion literally means “to suffer with.” If we give poor people something that we are going to through away, it doesn’t cost us anything. I think instead of us buying new clothes for ourselves, we should buy new clothes for poor people. That would be amazing to see the NFL do something like that.

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