I Hate Being Sick

January 28, 2009

I guess no one really likes it, huh? When you’re sick, it’s really all about you. It’s all about taking care of yourself, trying to see how YOU feel, and doing whatever it takes to make YOU feel the most comfortable.  The past few days, I have not felt very spiritual.   It was even hard to think about God, because I was thinking about myself all the time. 

I am feeling better and trying to think about “godly” things now.  I’m glad God meant for us to focus on others.  It’s really how we were created.  We are supposed to make sure that we are doing ok (spiritually, mentally, relationally), before we help others (think about putting on your oxygen mask before you help those traveling with you on a plane).  I think God gives us those times of sickness, so we can focus on ourselves for a few days, but we shouldn’t stay like this.  We are made to give our lives away to others.

Do you need to take time to focus on yourself, before you serve others? Do you need to focus on others, instead of yourself so much? If you don’t change, you could be causing major damage to yourself or others.


One comment

  1. Taylor,

    I am glad to hear your feeling better. Keep updating how your doing. We need to know how to pray for you. If your struggling .. share so we can be praying.

    GBY Michele

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