South Africa Update

January 7, 2009

So I know I said in my support letter that I would have updates and such on here, but the real good stuff won’t come until I am actually there.  I am shooting  to leave around February 27th  or so.  I am waiting on funds right now, so I can buy a plane ticket, which then allows me to get my visa.  That is pretty much it. I have sent out all of my letters and am already amazed how God is providing through His people.  I don’t think it’s hit me yet. Next month I will be flying across the world, to actually live in another country. Not just visit, but LIVE.  I am praying for amazing things and hoping for God to use me mightily in His story. I am even hoping to have a story of my own and who knows, maybe I can write a book about it (a dream of mine).  Thanks for embarking on this journey with me.  We’ve only just begun (corny but awesome).


One comment

  1. A book, yes. A story, plenty. A good man, undoubtedly.

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