Our Best

December 11, 2008




I had the opportunity last Saturday to attend the first ever Junky Car Club Rally.  The Junky Car Club was started by Mike Foster, to encourage others to drive an inexpensive car and donate more money to social justice causes.  This rally was not just for fun, but also to raise awareness of mobile homelessness (people living in their cars).  

The Junky Car Club was offering a free “Junk Pride” t-shirt to everyone who brought a bag of non-perishable food items.  So the night before, I headed to the local supermarket.  I filled my bag with the cheapest cans of peas, corn, chili and whatever else I could find. $8.23 seems like a good price for a cool shirt. 

After the rally, I heard a radio announcementjunkycarclubfood about “The Jacket Project”. This is a project a local church is doing to get warm jackets for those who are homeless in their community.  One part of the announcement that caught my attention was that they were asking people to bring by their “warmest and nicest” jacket they owned.  This really struck me to the core.  I had given the cheapest cans of food I could find, but this group was asking for their best jacket. Why shouldn’t the homeless get our best? We have so much.


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  1. Good stuff. So true. Thanks for sharing.

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