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Free the Music

September 26, 2008

I love the new trend that has independent artists and some signed artists giving away their music for free.  It really shows that they care about the music and the influence it has on people, and not just money.  Check out one of my new favorites, JJ Heller at and get her free album.  Derek Webb also started a really cool website,, that has a lot of great music.  All you do is tell 5 friends about the website to get a free album or pay whatever you want.  That could be as little as a dollar. I love music. I know you do too. Let’s free the music!


Lyall Boys Become Men

September 14, 2008

About fifteen years ago my two brothers, my dad, and myself took a camping trip to Idyllwild with another family of dudes.  Some guys jumped off this huge rock into the lake below, but all the Lyall men chickened out.  Fifteen years later, the Lyall men sought redemption. 

This might not look that scary, but my body was freakin’ numb.


No Greater Love

September 10, 2008

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13

This video was shown at the Republican National Convention.  Whatever your political party or view on the war, may you be greatly touched by this story of a man who put others before himself.  Roger that.


Jesus is My Friend

September 9, 2008

This is just awesome.


Do You Jesus Sprinkle?

September 8, 2008

This is a blog that my friend/college professor Charles Lee wrote a few months ago.  I thought it was good enough to share.

“God is leading me…God told me…God is saying…God is transitioning me…God asked me to…I didn’t want to, but God..I was going to sing this song, but God…God did it!”

Do you ever feel like people unnecessarily inject God-language into conversations as a means of validation to justify a personal decision (big or small)? It’s almost as if many Christians are subconsciously pressured to include what I call “a little Jesus sprinkle” whenever announcing any decision that remotely sounds spiritual.

I personally feel that the use of such language handcuffs those receiving the words to some extent. If someone says that God is leading, who am I to say he isn’t? In this context, there is very little room for dialog with someone who thinks they have heard from God.

Let me begin by stating that I do believe that God “leads” and could speak audibly to those he desires to communicate with. Unfortunately, in all honesty, I have a difficult time knowing for sure how this “leading” works out in real life. It sounds so much better in a sterile environment of theological conversation. Apart from audible revelation, how certain can we be with “hearing God’s voice” (not to mention, many of us would even doubt audible revelation)?

I sometimes wonder if God-language just makes us feel better about our choice. The notion of God “having our backs” or leading us can be a great source of comfort and confidence. It also gives us a sense of authority to move forward and tell others that we are moving forward. Some of this may be healthy, but some of it sounds misleading or even manipulative.

Could it be that God does lead in the sense that he has created us with the ability to learn more about him in relationship along with the skills to think through how our relational understanding of him affects our life decisions? Could it be that God is not technically the one moving us like a pawn in our path of life? Could our relationship with him be more dynamic than that? Maybe it’s like a dance where he leads but grants us the freedom to respond willfully in partnership with him.

I know…to some this sounds like I am diminishing notions of his sovereignty (and no, I’m not an open theist…as beautiful as some of it sounds.).

Actually, my concern is not God, but our interpretation of his “leading”. Why don’t we just say “we think” he might be leading? I know it doesn’t have the same kind of bang, but I wonder if it would be more honest.”


What do you guys think about this?



September 3, 2008

God is definitely at work in this generation. These are some of my friends from Washington talking about a movement called Repossess. I am bummed that I am not going to be able to go this year, but I am excited for what God is going to do.


Funniest Thing Ever

September 1, 2008