Crazy Love

April 16, 2008

Francis Chan has finally written a book.  It’s called Crazy Love. Go read the first chapter at http://www.davidccook.com/catalog/resources/samples/105950.pdf    The book doesn’t come out for a another month, but I highly highly recommend that you get it. If you haven’t heard about him, he is changing this world.  He is just a pastor in Simi Valley, CA, but now is speaking at all of Passion’s events.  They are even taking him on their World Tour. I take credit for this book by the way.  I emailed him 3 years ago and told him to write a book.  He told me he didn’t like to write, but obviously he took my advice.



  1. dude you convinced him! congrats. taylor – 1, Francis – .5

  2. another note | this is the kinda stuff that i love to read about, hundreds of varities of bananas, galaxies, etc..so rad. stoked for the book. although i think i wrote something similar to it.

  3. oh man!!! I am so stoked for this epic masterpiece!!

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