The Starving Baker

March 6, 2008

I just got back from an overnight retreat for the  staff of the Next Gen department at the church where I work.  It was awesome. It was the first retreat in a long time that we didn’t have to worry about anyone and just focus on ourselves. We are always taught to focus on other’s needs before yourself.  This is true, and Jesus even says this, but if we don’t focus on ourselves first, we won’t have anything to give. I remember hearing about the analogy of the starving baker.  He was making and giving out all kinds of food, but never ate any himself. Now he was no good to anyone, because he is DEAD! We have to remember to constantly come before the Lord and allow Him to fill us with His power to allow us to minister to others.  We can’t do any good if we are DEAD! 



  1. dead people just aren’t that effective these days..until they are raised back from the dead…then they are Really effective.

  2. That’s good man! I think all of us were in that same situation. We were working so hard, but weren’t taking time to get fed or to dig deep into the well. Keep pushing into the Lord man. Love ya bro!

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