California Dreamin’

January 9, 2008

“What’s up Don?” That’s what I shouted as my favorite author, Donald Miller, crossed my path in the lobby. Out of all the phrases to say, I chose to say that one.  He seemed a little startled, flashed a half smile my way, and continued to walk. I had my chance…and I blew it.  Ah well.  The rest of my trip to Cali was pretty eventful.  Positives: #1 Saw my family for the first time in 2 months. #2 Hung out with amazing friends and professors from college. #3 Got to eat Carl’s Jr. for the first time in 2 months. #4 Shane Claiborne, Erwin McManus, and Donald Miller brought it like none other. #5 Leeland and Switchfoot rocked it like none other. #6 Found my phone after being apart for 36 hours.  #7 Went to Disneyland on New Year’s Day and it wasn’t too busy. Negatives: #1 Didn’t get to eat In-N-Out. #2 Lost my phone for 36 hours. #3 Got sick.  I guess that’s it. I would definitely say that the positives outweighed the negative.  I am a little bummed right now, because I was planning on watching American Idol tonight, but found out that it starts next week….story of my life.  


One comment

  1. aww taylor…it’s so fun to read your wonderful sarcasm about funny experiences…i miss you! hope the job and life is going well up north. glad you had fun in Cali… i miss it too. i started a blog recently too if you want to check it out 🙂 http://amyjsadventures.blogspot.com

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